About us

Denisha Jones is the CEO of Sweet Peaches Cobblers LLC. Her desserts are known to make you do a little dance on the first bite. This sweet and savory cobbler was born at a family function. The family members’ testimonies on their social media platforms caused an insatiable desire for her now-loved peach and apple cobblers. Mrs. Jones has been married for 18 years to her business partner and top supporter, Willie Jones. The inspiring couple met as teens. They have supported each other through their individual goals and challenges. They have four children, ranging from 18 years old to five years old. The oldest two they birthed and the two youngest were gifted by adoption. Their children are their motivation, and they inspire them daily. Denisha has an Associate Degree in psychology and a Bachelor’s Degree in social psychology. She has worked with children and behaviors for 20+ years, with great beginnings at the Salvation Army Summer Camp at the sweet age of 17 years old.

Sweet Peaches Cobblers LLC is a family-operated business. The team consists of Denisha and Willie, their oldest three children, their mothers, a sister, and some close family friends. The team works together to cook and assemble the cobblers in a conventional, community kitchen. They operate at a fast pace while working on events and pop-up shops, as well as stocking stores and restaurants. Denisha and Willie have formed a dedicated team to help grow their business to its fullest potential.

In addition to serving the Kansas City area, Denisha works diligently to be in grocery stores nationwide. In 2021, Sweet Peaches Cobblers LLC was chosen to travel from state to state, city to city, with the BBQ Festival, increasing the brand’s national exposure. What do people think of the cobblers?  Many respond with a dance or a smile. They often ask, “Are you local?” or “When will you be in grocery stores here?” So, of course, this is the ultimate goal.

Denisha’s strong faith and belief in God is what she says guides her. When interviewing with G.I.F.T, she said, “everything works in God’s timing and when he says go, we do just that.” With the vision and instructions from God, she is not looking to only be financially stable but to also provide and teach generational wealth to and for her family.